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Uniting diverse footsteps outdoors to tangibly create a more peaceful and equitable world for womankind.

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 amwe-"together"  (pronounced amoy)

a word meaning together, shoulder by shoulder in Kii Tharaka,

The native tongue of our partners in Meru, Kenya.


Amwe movement is a cross-cultural organization that brings together women-identified folk and their allies to trek for peace. Locally, we band together to walk, bike, and backpack the land to restore our ancient and essential belonging to one another and the earth. 

 Globally, our movement weaves together people across continents to explore peacemaking through outdoor movement and in doing so raise funds for women's peace initiatives with our partnering community in Tharaka, Kenya. 

*What does this look like in practice? Amwe looks at where there is need and organizes global outdoor movement events around the cause. That means we might have Amwe teams biking for women's health in Kenya, California, and Rwanda on the same day.

Teams celebrate and share with one another cross-culturally as they use Amwe events as an opportunity to contemplate peace in their individual bodies, community, and country. 

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                                  MOVE WITH US.

Amwe envisions a world in which we unite our physical movements outdoors to catalyze movements on the societal and systemic whole. 

Amwe movement is exploring how we can cultivate peace, amongst ourselves, our cultural/racial histories, the sacred land we stand upon, and as a larger global family. We unite in outdoor movement events across nations to walk and ride, sweat, share and sing  with these questions alive in our bones. We do not claim to know the answers or plan to find peace easily. Rather, we are joined together at this poignant time in history to honor the questions. What footprints have we left as individuals, communities, nations and what seeds do we plant for the future? This project is an inquiry, a starting point, a living, moving prayer, an invitation for you to be part of this conversation. We want to hear you.




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Feb 19-20th, 2022


Join us on our first ride! On February 19th and 20th, 2022  Peace Ride teams across the world will ride in solidarity, support, and allieship of one another. In California, the Women's Peace ride team will embark on a 37-mile bike packing trip up the central coast to camp for the night. The California ride intends to focus on peacemaking within our own bodies and with the painful cultural/racial history of this area. Acknowledging that within the cross-cultural peacemaking picture, it must start at home. In Kenya, the peace ride team will start in Nairobi and make a journey across the rolling hills of Nanyuki 70 miles to Meru. Our teams will have the chance to cheer one another on virtually and send messages of peace from team to team, nation to nation. 


 As a cross-cultural family, we join to use our united movement to raise money for the treatment of 15 individuals in rural Kenya who were recently diagnosed with late-stage cancer and cannot afford treatment. This ride is a moving prayer, a celebration of women’s strength, and a way to explore creating cross-cultural bridges for the peace we know is possible. For $60 a yr our Kenyan community members can get access to NIF (National Insurance Fund) and receive covered medical care for a whole year. With three yrs of care ($180) the cancer healing journey can become possible. For folks battling cancer in rural Tharaka, access to medical care makes all the difference.  15 people at $180 =$2,700 to meet acute community need. We can do it!  Any funds raised beyond their healthcare coverage will go towards our partner organization Naledi which is striving to build peace for rural women and girls in a small community in Tharaka, Kenya. An initiative on the horizon is to build a mobile breast and cervical cancer screening and education clinic to serve women and girls in their rural area in Kenya. 

 What about local need?- Click Here

Donation $30=6 months NIF coverage 

$60 One Yr /$180 Three Years 


Four Ways to Join the movement

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1. Donate - Sponsor a Tharaka community member living with Cancer (Click for more about the Cause)

 $5 One Month Covered NIF Health Care/$30 6 months/ $60 One Year /$180 Three Yrs 
2Move with Us -Ride or Volunteer for our February Peace Ride 
3. Write a letter of Peaceto be shared at the event. Email to
4. Spread the WordDownload Flyer and Tell our story on Social Media 

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Want to unite footsteps for peace in your community? Get in touch with Amwe Movement to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. As a brand new project our arms are wide open to your feedback, wild ideas, inquiries, and thoughts. 

Don't be shy! Let's create. 

Thanks for submitting!

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