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Amwe Women's Peace Ride : Who We Are


Join us in a movement for peace as teams from Kenya and California unite together (amwe) for women’s global health. The CA  Women's Peace ride team will embark on epic 50-100 mile bike packing trip up the central coast. The California ride serves as a moving prayer celebrating femme power and an opportunity to cultivate cross-cultural allyship. In true Amwe fashion, our Kenyan partners have an epic ride team cycling  from Meru to Nanyuki this same weekend. Our Makenna women's group partners will weave into the mix as well as they walk and sing across their native land in Tharaka. We move together with purpose. Our global movement event (occuring during Breast Cancer Awareness month) is  an active fundraiser to support  NHIF healthcare for the Women and children of Tharaka Women's group community. It also serves to fund thriving community led peace initiative projects that began after our 2022  Amwe ride. We believe healthy, vibrant, interconnected women are a baseline for global peace. 

The California Event

This event is open to femmes of all shapes, sizes, gender expressions, and orientations. This event is not a race, it is a moving prayer for womankind. The ride serves to help illuminate what is possible when humans unite to move our bodies across dirt, mountains, and coastlines to create generative ripples of health in the global collective. 


The Route 

 We invite all experience levels to join us in a cross-cultural movement with purpose. Join the CA Women's Peace Ride team as we journey up the Central Coast from SLO to Big Sur, CA (Land of the yak titu titu yak tilhini- Northern Chumash Tribe) where we will snuggle into our home for the night. Our scenic route will be along Hwy 1, travel up the coast, and incorporate rest stops along the way for water, dance breaks, and all the snacks. There will be two starting points (one in SLO and one further North) to include two mileage options for those looking for both more advanced and beginner route options. Our event will begin with a send-off on the morning of Saturday, Oct 21st. The bulk of the following days on Saturday and Sunday will primarily be spent biking and connecting as we weave our way up and down the iconic jade coast. Our moonlit evening will include a nourishing meal and fireside council circle as we rest, harvest, and celebrate our time. Participants will not need to have a bike rack/panniers as we will have the option to transport overnight gear directly to the camping area by car. The entire ride is paved (primarily flat with the occasional hill:) and is best suited for road bikes. If you need assistance locating a bike/tent/any gear please don't be shy to reach out and we'd be happy to do our best to locate one for borrowing. More in depth details will be provided to those who sign up. 


Purpose: Moving for Peace 
Way out in the bush of Eastern Kenya, in a village called Tharaka- there is an incredible group of strong, resilient, belly-laughing women. This group of 24 vibrant members calls themselves the "Makenna (joy) Women's group". They are our partners, sisters, and friends. These women express so much excitement to work together. To work amwe. The Makenna Women's Group (MWG) has been meeting on this rock face (pictured below) at 6 am for years to sing, table bank, start small businesses, and co-create systems to sustain themselves and their children. They are incredible hosts, dancers, farmers, natural builders, basket weavers, mothers, and entrepreneurs. The $ 60-a-year fee for a NHIF health care plan covers basic health needs all the way up to surgery and chemotherapy. This fee is often an insurmountable financial burden in the community. Without insurance, getting medical care whatsoever is often out of the question for these women due to high out-of-pocket costs. This leaves the basic health of the community in a continually vulnerable state. One of the primary community goals of the Makenna Women's group is to get each of their members health care! This ride will fundraise towards NHIF insurance as well as continue funding projects such as small business development, skills training, emergency food drives, sustenance gardening, and table banking. We believe no person is helpless or hopeless, there are however hopeless systems that we can work to end together. We believe women worldwide have great abundance and wisdom to share. 

                                                                              Makenna  Group Photo & Meeting Place 




Pre-Trip Meeting (All Participants Attend)

Sunday, Oct 8th- 5 pm Los Osos, CA (Location TBA) 

Meet the team, and orient to the trip, purpose, and fundraising. Get tips on bike-packing, ergonomics, and safety. 

An additional Zoom Pre-Trip meeting will be held date TBD for folkz who aren't able to attend in person. 


Sponsor Weeks

October 9th-20th

In the weeks leading up to the trip, each participant is invited to reach out to their community to find their circle of support. Sponsors 


Peace Ride Weekend

Day 1-Saturday Oct 21st

Morning- meet up, gear sorting, opening ceremony, and begin bike journey to Big Sur.

Evening- decompress, enjoy a meal, fireside council, slumber

Day 2-Sunday, Oct 22nd

Eat Brekkie, pack up, and pedal on home! 


Post-Ride Celebration and Integration 

Date TBD


Location: Our take-off site will be at two pre-determined locations. You decide which best fits you depending on how far you'd like to bike. The shorter ride will be 20-30 miles each way to Big Sur (Round trip 40-60 miles). The longer ride option will be 50 miles each way, around 100 miles round trip. We will be camping on a beautiful private property site in Big Sur where we will have access to potable water and bathrooms on site. *A note on mileage: If you have concerns about your ability to bike this route please reach out. Let's work together, we want you here. 


Out-of-Town Participants: Joining us from out of town, epic! We would love to have you, hear you, and diversify our team. The nearest airport and train station is located in San Luis Obispo. If you are in of need a place to stay the night before or after the event we are likely to be able to find you a cozy place to sleep or camp within the community. 


Cost: The ticket cost for the weekend is a suggested donation of  between $60-80 dollars. This will hold your place in the event as well as cover dinner and campsite costs. If ticket cost is a financial barrier for you, reach out to Kens and we will work out scholarship opportunities.  Don't let cost shy you away, we are happy to work with  your needs!  As mentioned above, this event is a fundraiser for Women's health in collaboration with a community in Tharaka, Kenya. We intend to have a community of riders who are motivated to fundraise and share the message in a way that feels authentic to them. IE- reaching out/speaking to their individual friends, families, and communities, posting to social media, blogging, etc. We would love for Peace Riders to share the story of what they are doing so that we can utilize the potent power of the community to fundraise together (amwe).

Included: Pre-trip orientation instruction/meeting, 1-night camping in beautiful Big Sur, several nourishing weekend meals, opportunities for celebration, and reflection with our teams across nations. 

Contact: If you have questions/concerns/fears/dreams/desires big or small.... please don't be shy, Feel free to contact Kens and we will work things out amwe. 



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