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Amwe Kenya 

Robert is the founder of Naledi Initiatives- a Kenyan non-profit serving rural women and girls in Tharaka. He serves as a transformational facilitator, dynamic teacher, and powerful mentor, inspiring emerging leaders who carry revolutionary visions for uplifting their communities and lives. Robert was the first to complete primary school in his family lineage and the first to pursue a Ph.D. in his community. He is a passionate crusader for education, socio-economic empowerment, and social justice. Robert serves as the president of Rotary Club in Kenya and as a mentor for the Institute of Emerging Visionaries. Robert's laugh will melt you. 

Amwe California

Kens is a lover of belly laughs, poetry, avocados, honeybees, and little wave surfing. She serves as an outdoor guide and nature connection mentor for little ones, women's groups, teens, and folks with diagnose amongst the sagey hills of the Central Coast. She is endlessly curious about how we can utilize movement outdoors as a platform to build equity, solidarity, and peace amongst humans of all kinds. Find her guiding with Outside Now, Adventure Club SLO and Journey's Rites of Passage.  

Friends Taking Selfie

Amwe California

Sam is a biker, environmentalist, crafter, and outdoor enthusiast. She loves getting groups together to connect and build community. She looks forward to using her work with AMWE to catalyze community action. Sam serves as an active organizer in the SLO community and a board member on the Green Building Council. 


Institute of Emerging Visionaries- One Village Project

Shauna Mistretta

Alexis Slutzky 

Aliya Rosenbloom 

Vanessa Stone

Dr. Karambu Ringera

Rafaelle Abramovitz- Naretoi 

Lynn Matis-SB Street Medicine

We are a product of those that have come before, thank you for your wisdom.

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