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Live Locally to CA and feeling ready to unite footsteps across the nation for good. Join our February CA//Kenya Peace Ride event

Register as a Peace Rider or Volunteer 



Spread the word about the movement. Power lies in our stories, Let's write one together of hope.

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Sharing the resources between the human family.Passing water down the mountain.

We are currently fundraising for the treatment of 15 individuals who were diagnosed with late-stage cancer and lack funds for healthcare. 80% of folks in the community we collaborate within Tharaka cannot afford NHS insurance. For $120 each, our Kenyan community members can get access to 3 yrs of covered healthcare, making the healing journey possible. Any funds raised beyond their healthcare coverage will go towards our partner organization which is striving to build peace for rural women and girls in a small community in Tharaka, Kenya. An initiative on their horizon is to build a mobile breast and cervical cancer screening and education clinic to serve women and girls in their rural area in Kenya. 

$5 NHS Insurance- One Month

$60-One Yr  $120-3yrs covered care 

*our friends with cancer will each need 3yr covered care for treatment. 

Venmo: @Amwemovement  OR Gofundme 

Still curious?

Cancer Research within Tharakan Community 

Where will my money go?

Our Long Term Fundraising Projects

Mobile Cancer Screening Clinic  and Women's Peace Center 

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